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Centro de Idiomas, Cultura y Comunicación
Madero 2460 y Legaspy, La Paz 23000 Baja California Sur, Mexico / Phone (52) 612 125 75 54 
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La Paz is one of the finest places to learn Spanish in Mexico. It's a safe, lovely and charming small city where our students can enjoy the beauty of Baja and also have the time required to learn the Spanish language. La Paz is the capital of the State of Baja California Sur in Mexico.
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CICC La Paz (Centro de Idiomas, Cultura y Comunicación) provides intensive Spanish total immersion courses.
CICC La Paz has a very complete and original curriculum, taught by professional and experienced teachers, that includes conversation, vocabulary, grammar and various video/audio support material. CICC La Paz also offers medical Spanish classes, Spanish for business and Spanish for travelers classes.

Accommodation: Living with a Mexican family (homestay) while learning a foreign language is a wonderful experience. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the Mexican culture and customs.
We also can help our students to find a rental or to book hotel room.

About CICC La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico : Centro de Idiomas, Cultura y Comunicación is a medium size school (the school) dedicated to providing personal attention to its students. All our teachers have an University background and are experienced teaching Spanish to foreigners. The school is located in a nice and cozy Mexican style house, just 3 minutes walking distance from the bay. The school is often described by our students as serious, friendly with a homelike atmosphere.
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